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Peace of Body Peace of Miind. Positive solutions for stress, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias and anger
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A glimpse between the covers.............


This book presents practical techniques to overcome the negatives that rob your inner peace. The wellness system offers powerful solutions whether you suffer mild, moderate, chronic or severe emotional problems, or you simply want to enjoy life at a higher level. It will teach you how to grow beyond old thinking and behaviors, even if those emotional habits are well-established. No matter how you feel, your feelings and difficulties are not unique.


I have lived the techniques in this book for more than a decade. They have lifted me from a life of crises to a life of calm; from inner chaos to confidence, courage and composure. The techniques have taken me from illness to high-level wellness; from an inner-being racked with fear and frustration to a person with poise and power. They have liberated me from a life of stress and pain, to a peaceful existence..


I am am sharing the Method I live, so that you too, can enrich your life and attain Peace of Body and Peace of Mind. .

Part One – Introduction to Mental Fitness
1 Who Needs Lessons in Mental Fitness?
2 Where There Is Hope There Can Be Healing
3 Why Me?
4 Blame Versus Responsibility
Part Two – Facts for Mental Fitness
5 Common Threads
6 Myths Surrounding Self-Help
7 Trusting and Accepting the System
8 A Framework For Wellness
9 Thoughts - The Power Of Life
Part Three – Overcoming Panic
10 Dark Night – A Life Of Panic
11 Four Little Words Stop A Crisis
12 Shaking The Fear Factor
Part Four – Fitness Tools
13 Behind The Scenes
14 Watch Your Words
15 Stretch And Grow
16 Knowledge Versus Skill
17 A Pause In Progress
18 Create A New Self-Image
Part Five – Eliminating Core Stressors
19 Post Panic
20 Many Faces, Many Names
21 Camouflaged Temper
22 The Cycle
23 Identifying The Cycle
24 Breaking The Cycle
25 Release The Tension, Not the Reaction
26 Run-on Fear
27 The Primary Formula
Part Six – Unlocking Limits
28 Beyond Basic Training
29 A Spiritual Perspective
30 Stigma – The Roadblock To Freedom And Health
31 Mind And Body



Fill your life with Experiences, not Excuses!

This work is based on the knowledge I gained through Recovery International a self-help, mental fitness system. It is about the program's techniques and beliefs as I understand them, and how I adapted them into my daily life.

This is my tribute to the late Abraham A. Low, M.D., the man whose insight, caring, wisdom and devotion created this program for inner healing. I have been sharing my experience with people for years.

Through this book I am able to communicate the rewards of Dr. Low's Method to a wider audience.

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Workshops and EventsPersonal Life CoachingTaking Charge CourseLife Skills in ActionWhat do I do WhenPeace of Body Peace of MindRegister to win
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