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Peace of Body Peace of Miind. Positive solutions for stress, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias and anger
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Part Two – Facts for Mental Fitness


Chapter 5 – Common Threads

Being human means having feelings, sensations, thoughts and impulses. This book was written with two audiences in mind: those of you who have suffered from a diagnosed emotional, nervous or mental problem, and the millions of you who have no label, but live with some degree of nervousness or in some degree of personal pain.


I believe whatever the outward manifestations, the root of ALL emotional problems is lack of self-esteem. Some call it self-worth, others call it self-confidence. Many factors contribute to the feeling (or lack of it). We compare ourselves to society's standards or to our own. The bottom line is that, in our own minds, we don't measure up. We feel deficient and different.


Chapter 6 – Myths Surrounding Self-Help

Self-help information is how-to information …life skills you take for granted now, talking, dressing, writing, riding a bike, driving a car, were learned the same way. Each skill required instruction from people or books, and practical application on your part. Sometimes you were alone when you received instructions and information, sometimes you were in a group.


Learning is not just for children. If you truly want to grow beyond who you are today, in any area of your life, you must be able to say, "I am willing to learn."


Chapter 7 – Trusting and Accepting the System

…[this] system contains common sense philosophies. Anyone can learn to incorporate the approach into daily life.


You can learn authentic comfort and be proud of yourself when you accomplish your goals by yourself. Unfortunately you can't just want results, you must work for them. Make your actions match your words. Change, "I want to get well," to "I WILL get well." Modify one word and add conviction to your desire.


Chapter 8 – A Framework For Wellness

These principles work in all areas, in any kind of relationship. They are people principles, life principles.

The method is

  • A training and guidance system that teaches you how to identify and transform confused, faulty thinking, to sound thinking; alter harmful attitudes; change unhealthy actions into beneficial behavior.
  • A blueprint of purposeful, powerful, healthy, positive, secure thinking for life training.
  • A complete strategy of non-judgmental, self-evaluation tools for better living.


Chapter 9 – Thoughts - The Power Of Life

Thoughts are the basic elements which control human beings. It is not someone else's thoughts that control you. They may influence you, but they cannot control you. Your thoughts are your own, as individual and as unique as you are.


Negative thoughts make us feel depressed, angry, bitter, jealous, temperamental. They make us feel hurt, abandoned, and self-conscious. Negative thoughts turn concern to worry, fear to panic, disgust to anger, anger to resentment, and resentment to hate.


The message is plain and clear: If our thoughts can work against us, they can also work for us. If our thinking contributes to a dejected feeling, it can also contribute to an uplifted feeling. Healthy thoughts curb negativity and produce inner calm for body, mind and soul.



Workshops and EventsPersonal Life CoachingTaking Charge CourseLife Skills in ActionWhat do I do WhenPeace of Body Peace of MindRegister to win
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