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Peace of Body Peace of Miind. Positive solutions for stress, anxiety, depression, fears, phobias and anger
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Here's a sample of what readers
around the globe are saying about this
Excellent Resource for Mental Fitness:

"I give Rose VanSickle's book Peace of Body, Peace of Mind an A+ for persons suffering from general anxiety or phobias or who need assistance with the non-pharmocologic part of treatment of panic disorder. It will help!"

Stephen Cox, MD
President-Medical Director of the National Anxiety Foundation

"Nobody goes through life without experiencing emotional trauma. Rose VanSickle is not only a survivor who has been there, but is able through her book Peace of Body, Peace of Mind to share her experiences with others in a meaningful way. It is almost a guide to the perplexed.

As a therapist, I find that this book cuts through to the real issues in a credible and acceptable way. It is not just another self-help book written by experts. Rose VanSickle is a real person - her inspiration shines through her book. Many will derive not just comfort, but real life skills."

Harold Berkely, Dip Couns
Manchester, England

"This book IS changing lives!"
Susan Kavelak, Vice President
NAMI Wake County, North Carolina

"Peace of Body, Peace of Mind is a treasure of life skills for wellness and wholeness."
Nancy Downes, MA CPC
Clinical Mental Health Counselor

"Outstanding! If self-improvement is your goal, don't pass up this book! This basic information about decreasing tension in any situation needs to be incorporated into every school system around the globe - an excellent resource for individual study or group instruction."
Peter P. Balsamo, Ph.D.
Dean of Extended Learning and Public Services -
Coastal Carolina University

"Within Peace of Body, Peace of Mind lies the key to regaining control of your life. It is a remarkable book explaining simple easy-to-use techniques that really do work! My only regret is not finding the book earlier.
I am convinced that it would have been easier to deal with my phobia."

Andrew Solecki
Beyond Fear Dental Phobia Group
Derby, England

"Peace of Body, Peace of Mind lets you know that both are possible...
Read it only if you want more joy and happiness in your life."

Wally Amos, Author
Watermelon Magic; Seeds of Wisdom, Slices of Life

"With stress-related ailments at epidemic proportions - VanSickle's book is for everyone. I don't know anyone who wouldn't benefit from using this brilliant system!"
Lewis H. Stocks, M.D., Ph.D.
President - Executive Surgical

"FANTASTIC... Kudos to author Rose VanSickle. Peace of Body, Peace of Mind teaches principles on the Art of Successful Living. Learning and applying one of its gems could literally change your life... Positively."
Stephen Middleton, Ph.D.

"Rose's insight allows you to establish a mature and healthy relationship with yourself and others. This remarkable work is easily one of the best mind-body books of the 90's."
Rick Bridges
President - Silva Mind Development of North Carolina

"This is an outstanding book for all persons seeking to enjoy life to the fullest. The book is positive, optimistic, and enlightening."
Jack Graf
Minister, Unity Church of Raleigh

"Rose's book is inspirational and informative reading. For me personally, Peace of Body, Peace of Mind provided missing pieces for my own puzzle of recovery and pursuit of wellness."
Janet Northcott
Facilitator, Depressive Manic Depressive Association (DMDA)
Kansas City

"This is the BEST guide to mental health I've ever read - absolutely everything I've been trying to teach my clients."
Greg Liber
Chemical Dependency Counselor, The Clear Mind

"VanSickle has authored not only a good story of a journey, but it should prove to be of substantial benefit to the lucky ones who read it."
Douglas P. Elbert
Former Executive Director, Recovery, Inc.
TEXAMI Board Member

"This is a book that has been crying out to be written... should be read by helping professionals, students, and the average person looking for help to a less stressful and more fulfilling life."
Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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