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Rose in Los Angeles to honor dear friend, Bob Dey
Rose in Los Angeles to honor dear friend, Bob DeyBob Dey was presented the Elizabeth Hartigan Award for his outstanding contributions in the field of recovery. A self-help activist, Bob has been a Group Leader in Recovery International for more than 15 years, and worked with Alcoholics Anonymous, dual diagnosis and other 12-step programs for over 18 years. During his tenure at SHARE!, he led meetings in Dual Recovery Anonymous and SOS (a secular organization for sobriety).

Proud friends, Rose VanSickle and Larry Chacon, had the privilege of introducing Bob at the awards dinner. Celinda Jungheim presented him with a framed award from SHARE! plus certificates from several government agencies.

Excerpts from Rose's introduction speech:

"Bob Dey is one of the Bright Lights on our planet today…
Bob shares wisdom through experience.
Yet, perhaps his greatest asset, is his natural ability to nurture.
He truly cares about people, and it shows.
We give thanks to you, Bob, for all those lives you've touched near and far.
Dear One, we adore you. We absolutely adore you.
It is a great honor to present My LA Angel - Bob Dey!"

Rose VanSickle, Bob Dey, Celinda Jungheim, Larry Chacon.

Left to right: Rose VanSickle, Bob Dey, Celinda Jungheim, Larry Chacon.


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